Topic outline

  • General

  • Graphs

    Hamiltonian and Eulerian paths and circuits.    Shortest distance: Dijkstra's algorithm,   Minimum Spanning Tree: Kruskal and Prim's algorithms.   Chinese Postman- Route Inspection solutions.   Travelling Salesman Problem  

  • Matrices

    Matrix arithmetic: add, subtract and multiply matrices.     2x2 matrices, determinants and inverses. solving simultaneous equations in 2 variables.     Gauss Reduction for the solution of banks of simultaneous equations with >2 variables.     Matrix transformations.     3x3 matrices: determinants, inverses.   Matices as applies to planes, lines and points in space. 

  • Algebra

    Complex Numbers, absolute values, inequalities, equations, partial fractions, logs and exponents, Proof by Induction

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