Topic outline


    For your exam preparation make sure that you learn about "DEVELOPMENT OF SELF IN SOCIETY" in your LO textbooks (VIA AFRIKA). 

    Make sure that you look through and understand the work covered in weeks 1-9 in the textbook AND the resources on MOODLE (Highlighted)

    Examples of Concepts covered (there will be more concepts that relate to the development of your self in society - make sure you understand these concepts and are able to discuss them in short essays:

    Self-concept formation and Self-Motivation (self-image, factors, Self-talk etc)

    Sexuality (Understanding your sexuality, influence of friends and peers, "norms", cultural values, social pressures, problem solving etc) 

    Relationships and friendships at home, school and in the community. (Initiating relationships, sustaining relationships, problem solving, communication etc)

    It is advised that you do extra reading on the subject of "THE DEVELOPMENT OF SELF IN SOCIETY" in order to have a better understanding.

    Remember that while your opinion is valid and encouraged - you need to back up what you are saying.

  • This topic

    Self-concept formation and self-motivation

    In this unit you will learn about:

    • factors that influence self-concept formation and self-motivation: media, environment, friends and peers, family, culture, religion and community
    • positive self-talk: individuality, uniqueness and personal achievements
    • strategies and skills to extend personal potential.