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    Good morning all

    PAT reminder and  Due Dates: 

    • Your notes have to be handed in in the week of the 15th of August. The first lesson of that week will be when you hand in your notes and the second lesson will be when we hand your components to you (if your notes are handed in).
    • PLEASE remember to hand in your whole group's notes and then indicate which one will be assessed.
    • Your complete project will be handed in in the week of the 5th of September, remember to indicate your names on the project please.


    • Prepare the following pages for the next time we meet;
    • p113-117
    • p130-135
    • Make sure you are familiar with all the concepts discussed there.
    • Download EveryCircuit from the play store ( this is a nice place to see the workings of simple circuits) there are also many other apps.