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  • Procedure

    Please check the rankings for each week to see what team you will be playing for. There are challenges been played which may affect you moving up or down.

    You must make sure that you confirm with your manager that you are present on match day.

    If you are absent on match day you need to message your manager to let them know immediately.

    It is VITAL that you are on the whatsapp group for the team you are in. This is your responsibility.

    Please note if you are a reserve you are expected to bring your kit to school on that day and be available to play if we contact you.


    MONDAY Start End
    1st  Practice 15:00 16:00
    6th, 7th, 8th Practice 16:00 17:00
    2nd Match  15:00 17:30
    3rd Match 15:00 17:30
    3rd, 4th, 5th Practice 15:00 16:00
    6th, 7th, 8th Practice 16:00 17:00
    Grade 8 Practice 13:30 15:00
    1st & 2nd Practice 15:00 16:00
    1st Match 15:00 17:30
    4th Match 15:00 17:30
    5th Match 15:00 17:30
    6th Match 15:00 17:30
    7th Match 15:00 17:30
    8th Match 15:00 17:30
    (2nd), 3rd, 4th, 5th Practice 13:30 14:30
    Internal Matches 14:30 16:00

  • Fixtures Week 15 - 19 Oct

    1sts - Grooteschuur (Thursday) Away

    2nds - Rondebosch (Monday) Home

    3rds - Bishops (Monday) Away

    4ths - Fishoek (Thursday) Home

    5ths - Pinelands (Thursday) Home

    6ths - Bergvliet (Thursday) Away

    7ths - Pinelands (Thursday) Away

    8ths - Bye

    Reserves for Monday: Leo Flisberg

    Reserves for Thursday: Ethan Piper, Teague Lourens, Romain Soula, Daniel Soule

    Brooklyn Fry, Marco Palvie, Tyrell Mungul, Haaroun Mohamed

  • Fixtures Week 22 Oct

    1sts - Bishops (Thursday) Home

    2nds - German School (Monday) Away

    3rds - Rondebosch (Monday) Home

    4ths - Herzlia (Thursday) Away

    5ths - Bishops (Thursday) Away

    6ths - SACS (Thursday) Home

    7ths - South Penisula (Thursday) Home

    8ths - Westerford (Thursday) Away

    Reserves for Monday: Leo Flisberg, Ryan Nell

    Reserves for Thursdays: Xola Karlese, Romain Soula, Teague Lourens, Daniel Soule, Sebastian Lorenzen