| Monday, 3 August 2015 |


8:00 AM

"Since the middle of the previous century, public awareness around the environment, and the impact of economic activity on our fragile planet, has increased.  International conventions have forced governments to become proactive in dealing with environmental deterioration.  Government interventions have had mixed results and there is still much to be done to ensure that a viable planet will be part of our children's future."

Write a report of no less than 2000 words and no more than 3500 so that you may evaluate and analyse the quote above.  Your report must be saved in PDF format and be uploaded onto Moodle.  No hardcopies, flashdrives or emails will be entertained.  

NB:  A new feature of the marking of your assignment is attention to using footnotes for referencing.  Every statement you make or statistic you use that is not your own original thought, must be footnoted. Eg " Co2 emmissions have increased by 25% in the last century." [1]   - scroll to bottom of page:  [1] UN special report on climate change, July 2013.  

Research the use of referencing and footnotes.

Pay attention to criteria outlined in the rubric.  You will be marked strictly according to this assessment tool.  

Due date:  Monday, 3 August 2015