| Monday, 25 April 2016 |


2:40 PM

The scenario

You have been asked by the city of Cape Town to design the City’s first large skyscraper. The building must be aesthetically appealing, strong and rigid. The design must be unique and cannot simply be a copy of any of the current skyscrapers worldwide. They wish you to produce a scale model of the design. The following specifications and constraints have been given:

·         Maximum height – Height of the Kingdom Tower

·         Minimum height – Height of the Taipei 101

·         Scale: 1:1000

·         Materials that may be used: Sucker sticks, Kebab sticks and toothpicks

·         Fasteners that may be used: String and elastic bands (NO GLUE ALLOWED)

·         Maximum length and width of the base of the skyscraper: 250mm by 250mm

·         You are allowed to use a base board

·         Show how you would reinforce your skyscraper to make it rigid and stable.

You have to take a time lapse video of the making of your skyscraper from the beginning to the end. There are a number of free apps that you can use to accomplish this. Your project will not be accepted without the time lapse video. All members of your group must be shown working on the project in your time lapse. This video must be submitted on Moodle the same day you hand in your model.

You cannot upload a file bigger than 100MB on Moodle

Good Luck

Amat Victoria Curam